Kent Cumberton

Kent Cumberton

 Mr. Cumberton was born in 1959 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  He holds a 5th Degree (Dan) ranking in Isshinryu Karate, a 2nd Dan in Korean Tae Kwon Do and a 1st Dan in Japanese Yoshukai Karate.

His first exposure to martial arts was when he began the sport of boxing as a teenager, training with local amateur boxing clubs and engaging in sparring and competition.

At age 18 Mr. Cumberton began training in Yoshukai Karate, under John Fitzgerald Jr.  (3rd Dan).  Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Mike Foster (9th Dan) promoted him to Shodan (Black Belt) in 1983.  Mr. Cumberton continued to train with Mr. Fitzgerald until 1985, when he moved to Athens Georgia to attend the University of Georgia (UGA) Business School.  During his years with Yoshukai, Mr. Cumberton competed in a number of Karate tournaments as well as training and competing in full contact karate fighting events.

At UGA from 1985 to 1989, Mr. Cumberton began training in Tae Kwon-Do, achieving the rank of 2nd Dan in that style in 1986.

Mr. Cumberton trained off and on at a Yoshukai school in Atlanta Georgia as well as at a few other schools and styles through the early 1990’s, eventually leaving martial arts behind for a number of years while working on his career.  During that time, he became heavily involved in weight training and power lifting and led an active, fitness-based life.

Mr. Cumberton started regaining interest in Karate through his son Kyle.  Kyle joined a Kempo Karate school in South Carolina in 2005 when he was 6 years old, and Mr. Cumberton began helping Kyle with his training.

In late 2007, Mr. Cumberton and his family moved to Cleveland TN.  He and Kyle joined Shamblin’s Isshinryu Karate School in 2008, both starting over together as white belts.  In 2009, they began training under Mr. Tony Caywood (6th Dan) who took ownership of the Dojo. The father and son then trained together for several years under Mr. Caywood, with Kent achieving the rank of 2nd Dan in 2012 and Kyle doing the same in 2015.

Mr. Cumberton became very active in teaching under Mr. Caywood’s guidance, taking the leadership role over the Caywood Dojo’s popular Saturday competition team class.  In 2015, Kent met Mr. Charles Murray (8th Dan), and they began training together.  In late 2016, Kent achieved the rank of 4th Dan under Mr. Caywood and Mr. Murray.  Mr. Cumberton was promoted to 5th Dan in 2018.

Mr. Cumberton’s teaching strategy is to strongly drive the core basics of the Okinawan Isshinryu style, while adding a modern sporting edge to the free sparring component and elevating the kata (forms) to a high level of presentation.  Self-respect, respect for others and self-defense are all stressed.  Mr. Cumberton strives to provide a challenging but enjoyable Karate experience, and to tailor his teaching style to the individual needs of each one of his students, while helping them grow to better themselves as people.


* 1987           Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, University of Georgia
* 1989           Master of Arts in Business Administration, Georgia State University

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