Okinawan Isshinryu Karate Kick

She started training in Isshinryu in 2012 or so. She has had a training of a blend of traditional Okinawan style kicking which was based on attacking the lower body and/or base and kicks as high as you could function with. One of her seniors who trained in Okinawa could perform absolutely perfect slow motion side kicks over head high and much more. Ashleigh is continuing to learn the same way low and non-low.

The higher kicks didn’t come from Okinawa but they came from the influence of other systems and completion at tournaments. Seems that styles used always are a function of what we rub up against (ie additional instructors). But in Ashleigh’s case she also studied the Chin Woo Tam Tuie with toe kicks (for Chinese boots) aimed right at the ankle and just above. That makes 92% of all Okinawan kicks high kicks, except I also teach the use of stepping as a kicking practice which becomes lower than Tam Tuie.

Take a different example. Jhoon Rhee a noted instructor didn’t have Spinning kicks in his program from his studies under General Choi in Korea and actually saw them first in the USA from other Korean stylists. Of course he adopted them too.

In the case of Shotokan there were more influences than Funakoshi Gigo. Many of the original students traveled in their jobs in the 30’s to China, Korea, etc and brought those kicks (such as the round house) back to Japan some of which were adopted into Shotkan.

She believes in the efficiency of Okinawan style kicking (and there are differences between the systems), but excellence in anything works.

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